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We are a small but devoted team of developers, designers, technologists, and academics.


Christian Balevski

Founder & CEO Learn Like a Machine

While pursuing dual degrees in Finance and Physics at The College of New Jersey, Christian was inspired with the idea for Knowledgine. Christian has a passion for novel ideas and technologies and has a track record of success. He and his team won first place in a $50k business plan competition at The College of New Jersey for a solar energy technology. While not working on innovative technologies in college, Christian was doing research in astrophysics, studying the nature and evolution of dark matter in the universe. At Knowledgine, Christian has been responsible for much of the data science and automation software they have developed. Christian also spent a year teaching math, physics, and economics at a private high school in Princeton, New Jersey.


Matthew Rodriguez

Founder & CTO What Knowledgine Means to Me

After graduating from the University of Michigan with an MS in Applied Physics, Matthew moved to New York City and dove headfirst into the startup world. Originally in the social networking space, he eventually moved on to work for Billtrust, a fintech company in the Princeton area where he remained for over 3 years. Previously, Matthew received an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware in Electrical Engineering. There, privileged to work under professor and research advisor Dr. Takashi Buma, in an optical imaging laboratory (he got to play with lasers), Matthew developed a deep admiration for academic excellence. In resonance with his nature, Matthew loves to learn new things, ponder deep thoughts, discuss metaphysical concepts, share ontological musings, and reflect upon self referential ideas. He loves puzzles, laughter, wit and banter — especially when they all come together.


Dalton Ackerman

Graphic & Product Designer

Dalton has a keen eye for good products. He has worked with many industrial firms and is currently a Graphic Designer and Videographer at Langan Inc. Dalton graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BA in Interactive Multimedia and is a member of AMC SIGGRAPH. When Dalton isn't doing design work, he's playing sports or long distance running.


James Van Wyck, PhD

Director of Academic Relationships

Passionate about democratizing educational leadership, James has helped forge key academic relationships. He is currently the Professional Development Program Specialist at Princeton University.


Kristen Treglia


Kristen is a Senior Technologiest at Fordham University and also an accomplished writer with her recent publication: The EdTech Bible. She is passionate about exploring how technology can be used not just to augment what is already possible, but to go beyond and transform our lives.


David Talbot


David has over a decade of experience in the investment and consulting industry. He's worked for McKinley Capital Management and currently advises a number of startups. He is interested in technology alignment in a world of data analytics, mobility, smart industry, digital commerce and the application of blockchain.

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