Voice is the Next Big Thing

Audio has outpaced video in both growth and total consumption.

American's listen to 30+ hours of music and audio each week.

Knowledgine is academia's solution for maintaining an audible presence.

With Knowledgine, capture professor voice within classrooms, offices, conferences, events, etc.

Automated Organization

Knowledgine can ingest raw, unstructured professor speech and deliver ready-to-consume packets of knowledge to learners globally.

Machine Transcription: Up to 95% accuracy and available in minutes.

Topics and Key Phrases: We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop a concise list of important topics and phrases covered in each lecture.

Crowdsourced Tags: User generated labels attached to specific segments within lectures to make information discoverable.


Modern UI/UX

Designed for millennials, by millennials. See it in action here.

Knowledgine offers a rich set of features that allows users to discover, curate, and experience academic knowledge in a modern and intuitive manner.

Globally Available

Scalable: Cloud hosted and able to meet the growing needs of your university.

Persistent: Lectures are stored and backed up in the cloud.

Secure: Encrypted data storage and transmission.



Designed with your needs in mind, Knowledgine is the simplest system to capture and distribute your lectures.

Improve Accessibility

Knowledgine transcribes your lectures automatically. Transcripts offer broader accessibility, compliment the listening experience, and provide a structure for visual organization.

Lecture Portfolio

All your lectures in one place, Knowledgine makes it simple to share your content with students or colleagues.


Flexible Lecture Archive

Your content and Knowledgine account move with you, giving you the flexibility to pursue your career regardless of where it takes you.

Free to Use

We believe that passionate educators deserve to be uplifted and rewarded for their commitment to education.

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Reaching learners across campus or across the world has never been simpler, or more affordable.

Build National Recognition

Contribute to the inspiration of future leaders and the betterment of society by sharing the powerful thoughts of brilliant professors at your university.

Drive Enrollment

Your academic content is the most powerful tool for recruitment; select universities have reaped the benefits of OCW. Knowledgine delivers similar benefits at no cost to you.


Create and Curate

Organize lectures and clips from your university's professors to allow students and learners to find your best content quickly. Discover some of our playlists here.

Foster Interdisciplinary Learning

Whether it's satisfying curiosities, or diving deeper into course material, Knowledgine gives students the tools they need to succeed by giving them access to all of their university's lectures.

Knowledgine is free for universities and professors. To learn more, contact us at support@knowledgine.com or have your professors
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Flexible Integration

Knowledgine is designed to work alongside other content management systems. Simply upload any content to Knowledgine or share your Knowledgine profile link with students in your class.


Features and Pricing

Professors Universities
Monthly price Free Free
Includes classroom recording tools
One click lecture capture, upload, and share.
No software to install — sign up online in moments
Automated Lecture Transcription
Automated Topic and Key Phrase Extraction
Playlist Creation
Cloud Hosting
Simple Link Sharing
Support and Security
24/7 Technical Support
Automatic Data Backups

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