What Knowledgine Means to Me


I am Matthew Rodriguez. I am a life-long learner.

When I feel alone, I regress into a space that welcomes knowledge — where I am wont to let my imagination explore deep thoughts, recall old patterns, and make inspired connections.

When I am full, I test these ideas, observe their shape in the manifest, and push to distill and share their truths.

For the pursuit of knowledge is the pursuit of truth. Yet to discern truth is difficult, and to articulate truth proves a formidable foe.

Christian Balevski is a life-long learner. He is a visionary and a born leader.

This is why I joined him to pursue his vision. I believe in what he has set out to do, and I believe in him.

Together we are building Knowledgine, a Knowledge Engine that distills knowledge for everyone by capturing, organizing, and sharing academic audio lectures.

Why academic content?

Backed by University credentials and the rigor of academic process, and in their commitment to the tireless pursuit of a robust depth of knowledge in their field, we believe that professors are proven experts. Accordingly, it is the thoughts, ideas, and understanding of professors that accumulate expert knowledge.

Why audio?

Sound is a powerful medium of transfer. It facilitates the passage of information, while preserving the imagination. Free from contrived visual imagery, audio offers a broader space for creative foundation, connection, and interpretation.

Why lectures?

There is no greater expression than the art of teaching to test the process of articulating and sharing knowledge. Lectures try professors in such a space, and as a result learned students prove the efficacy of the format and the skill of their teacher.

And so Knowledgine is also a platform for professors to practice and perfect the dissemination of their knowledge.
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Naturally, in the space of education in which there is both teacher and student, the art of learning presupposes a two sided relationship. Any platform that aims to facilitate learning well should address the needs of both sides of the relationship.

Succinctly and fully put, Knowledgine is a platform for professors to disseminate their knowledge to everyone through the distillment of their lecture audio.

Christian and I set out to build a tool to help us learn. Our mission is led by a vision to transform the space of education, to highlight academic excellence, and provide access of knowledge to everyone, everywhere.

So what is the problem we are trying to solve, and for who?

On a high level, we are trying to facilitate learning and education for everyone. In particular, we aim to aid University professors with the dissemination of their knowledge to the world.

For professors, there is an acute pain in the process of organizing and sharing their knowledge with the broader scope of just their classroom students. The process is time consuming, expensive, and often has minimal reach. The direct result is that the majority of professors resolve to keep their knowledge within the boundaries of their classroom, their University, and their inner circle of their studied field. Consequently, this wealth of knowledge is trapped or even lost to the world.

And so this acute pain ripples out into a broader scope, and although dampened by the distance from its source, its effect persists. With acuteness spread into a subtle groaning, awareness wavers as numbness gradually presides.

So we are numb. Many seeking knowledge and truth accept mediocre mediums of exchange, or trade the pursuit for momentary entertainment and fleeting pleasure. Influencers arise in a myriad of scopes, and pride and power corrupt in the form of delusion, derision, and misinformation. And in these fallacies, a singular acute pain, far from its source, begets many.

Knowledgine, therefore, is a far reaching solution directed at healing the source. Through machine learning technology, particularly in the space of natural language and speech processing, Knowledgine becomes the engine for lecture distillment and dissemination. Furthermore, through collective intelligence, the strategy of utilizing both familiar and novel crowdsourcing paradigms, Knowledgine is self-governed and self-healing.

With a broad scope of distribution that encompasses proactive learners throughout the world, and with platform tools that encourage expert articulation of thought and cross disciplinary measure, Knowledgine completes the feedback loop implicit to education.

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