Getting Started as a Professor


Everyday, professors across the world produce high-quality information consisting of perspectives, thoughts, opinions, and explanations.

According to an MIT study on OpenCourseWare, 30% of professors who share their content notice an improvement in their professional standing.1

30% of professors who share their content notice an improvement in their professional standing

Few professors from select universities have been able to benefit from sharing their in-class content with the world, as producing online courses require extensive equipment and significant commitment.

By focusing on lecture audio, and through intuitive automation, Knowledgine aims to remove this barrier to capture, organize, and share your knowledge with the world. With Knowledgine, any professor from any university can have the benefit of a global audience.

Why Audio?

Audio is simple and easy to capture. With audio you can avoid all the hassle of a video camera, i.e. room lighting, camera angles or positioning, and even attire. Audio ensures your students' privacy, reduces copyright risk*, and can be done with inexpenisve recording equipment such as a lapel microphone.

Knowledgine automates

Lecture capture
Content organization

You focus on teaching, we focus on everything else. Knowledgine's technology simplifies your life.


Record your lectures in class with Knowledgine’s web-based recording software or upload a pre-recorded lecture. Knowledgine utilizes existing classroom technology so little to no overhead is required.


Knowledgine transcribes your lectures automatically, making transcriptions available in near real-time.** Transcripts offer broader accessibility, compliment the listening experience, and provide a structure for visual organization.


Knowledgine uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand the context of your lectures and organize them accordingly. Using a crowdsourced model, Knowledgine further classifies useful information with tags.


Knowledgine is not only a capture and transcription tool, but is an online repository and distribution system that allows you to share your knowledge with your students, your university, and learners around the world. This is done automatically.