Professor Studio Walk-through


Knowledgine’s Professor Studio is an exclusive web service only available to university professors and academics. It is a centralized place where you can create and manage courses, share resources through descriptions and course links, and upload and record lectures. Listen to our discussion with Fordham University about the professor studio.

In this post we will walk through the process of:

Your professor profile

To get started, begin by navigating to the professor signup page and create an account. Be sure to include your university profile url as Knowledgine uses this to validate you as a professor. Once you sign up, you'll be redirected to the professor studio.


Once you have been validated, you'll have the option to edit your profile. Hit the edit button in the lower right corner of the profile card and go ahead and upload a profile picture and edit your bio and university details. If you have any publications you want to share, drop the link in your bio and users will be able to click on it. Once you've completed your edits, hit the save button in the lower right corner.


Creating a course

To create a course, click on the pink plus button in the profile.

Once you click the plus button, you'll be presented with a form to add all the information for your course. (If you are doing a podcast or other event, feel free to leave out the course-specific information.) Start by adding a title and course abbreviation (usually what is written on the syllabus), this is to help students find the course while searching. You'll notice university and department are pre-populated, if you teach classes at multiple institutions, you'll be able to change that here. Finish by adding the rest of the course information and be sure to add a course picture. We recommend using Unsplash as they have high-quaility, copyright free images. Hit create and you'll be ready to start recording lectures!

Don't worry about getting all of it right, you can always go back and update your course later.


After you have created your course you can add a lecture by either recording a new lecture or uploading an existing one.

Recording a new lecture

To record a lecture, press the big red record button in the bottom right corner of the screen or hit the red mic icon in the top right corner of the specific course you want to record a lecture for.


In order to record audio in the browser, you need to give Google Chrome (and other browsers) permission to access the microphone. First, choose any audio input, and when the browsers prompts you, hit allow.


Refresh the page and select to record a new lecture. Now when you go to choose your audio input device, you will see all of them listed.


Make sure to add a lecture title, then hit record.


You can minimize the recorder by pressing the bar icon in the bottom left corner of the recording popup. You can also pause the recording to discuss private or confidential information with your class.


Adding tags

While using the recording bar, feel free to add tags to the lecture!


Once you finish recording, hit the pause button and then choose the upload button to upload the recording. At this point, you can also download your lecture to your computer to edit with third-party software and upload later.


Uploading a lecture

To upload a pre-recorded lecture, press the stack plus button underneath the course photo. You'll be prompted to select a file for upload. While the audio file is uploading, you'll see a status bar for the progress.


At this point, it's a good idea to explore the lecture options. For each lecture, you will see a three dot icon that you can press to open up the menu. You can edit a lecture, view lecture notes, and transcribe a lecture.

Adding lecture notes and topics

You can edit the lecture's title and add topics and notes. Topics are important as we use them to index the lectures for search. We have a system that helps create topics automatically based on what you discuss in your lecture, but feel free to edit them and add your own.


As for lecture notes, they can be open-ended! Share any resources that might be helpful to students and learners, including other tags and resources on Knowledgine!


Transcribing a lecture

To transcribe a lecture you need to be approved, either on a university level or a professor level. (Contact us for more details.) If you are already approved, select Transcribe [Lecture Title] to transcribe. The transcription process takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the lecture's length, and will be available for access upon completion. You'll be able to view the transcript by selecting the option in the lecture menu, or you may view it within the player.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your profile, created a course, and uploaded your first lecture! We'll be adding new features soon so stay tuned with our blog. If there are features you want or questions you have, send us an email.

Remember, the professor studio is about you! Put your best foot forward and make your profile your own.