About Knowledgine

Our mission is simple, democratize education by democratizing educational leadership.

Our Motivation

Inspired by passionate leaders who exemplify a creative breadth of knowledge, and encouraged by diligent professors who invest in their students, we at Knowledgine seek out to lift up such educators. Individually discouraged by the lack of educational openness at the university level, collectively we began a platform. And it is in the collective where we find our strength.

Why we created Knowledgine

Information is a resource. Every day, professors across the world produce high-quality information consisting of novel perspectives, powerful thoughts, transformative opinions, and meaningful explanations. Majority of this information is buried in notebooks and lost in old assignments. We began by asking this question; what if this information wasn't lost?


Our Vision

Capture, organize, and share the collective thoughts and ideas of professors around the world, empowering them by making their knowledge accessible to everyone.

- having the thoughts of the brightest professors, all at your fingertips

- learning about current events from leading experts grounded in their fields

- finding the essence of a subject within a fraction of the time

We're Growing

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